Ha! I'm that 50+ high-tech product manager that had to start a software company by writing the code myself. (But, you already knew that.) I'm going to have to try the approach you took. I asked AI for a few code ideas and it gave me back code that used proprietary APIs from fee-based web services, which defeated my purpose of writing everything from scratch so that I have the flexibility to enhance the functionality myself instead of relying on a vendor's web service. However, if there is a collection of cheap web services to put together to solve an existing itch as an add-on to an existing community where the cost to start and support isn't huge, this could be a boon. Of course, I have a built-in fear that someone could come along and use GPT to recreate in an evening what took me 2 years collaborating with intelligent customers to build. Having been on the bleeding edge of technology my whole career, I find myself reticent on exploring this as I might find something that flushes what I thought was a huge barrier to entry down the drain. Ignorance is bliss. I need to embrace fear of the unknown. Got any pointers on how to do that? 😂

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Dec 11, 2023Liked by John Wolpert

John this a great article, as you did in your career great ideas and it was not easy to get it going., without a tech team, I had/have a few as well. I will connect with you on LinkedIn.

Thank you


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Here's the video our friends at ai.invideo.io made from this story. (Never ceases to amaze me.)


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